How to configurate an endpoint

All endpoints in “My Account” page are listed in the plugin settings page, in section “Endpoints”. All WooCommerce endpoints are already available in the plugin.

Go to YITH Plugins > Customize My Account Page and then click on the Endpoints tab to start configuring your endpoints.

List of endpoints

Every endpoint available in the list can be customized, by changing slug, label, icon, content and the user role to whom this endpoint is visible.

Edit endpoint details

The slug is the text added to the page URL, the label is the text shown as “My Account” menu entry.

Slug and url

How to create a new endpoint

In order to create a new endpoint, you can click on the “Add new” button, that you can find below in the list of endpoints, enter the slug name of the new element and the click on “Add endpoint”.


Once you have configured and saved settings, the new endpoint will be added into “My Account” page.


New endpoint

You can also add custom shortcode into the content, like [default_dashboard_content] to show the default dashboard content.

To temporarily disable view of one endpoint, you can click on the “Activate/Deactivate” button of the concerned endpoint.

Hide endpoint

How to create a new Group

Endpoints or custom links on My Account page can be grouped to keep your page usable and easy to navigate. To create a new group go to YITH Plugins > Customize My Account Page > Endpoints and click on the button New group.

New group

Give a name to the group and save.

After that, you can create all the endpoints or links you want to include or simply move the ones that you’ve previously created.

The only way to order items is with drag and drop. Make sure you indent the item to include it in the group, so they become subitems of the group.


For every group, you can edit the following information:

  • label;
  • icon;
  • user role;
  • and choose whether to show the group open or collapsed.

Edit group

How to link a custom URL

Finally, you can also add a new menu item in My Account with a custom URL.

To create it, just go to YITH Plugins > Customize My Account Page > Endpoints and then click on New Link button at the top right of the table.

Custom link

Give a name to it and then click on it to configure the URL and all other available options.

Edit link

How to reset an endpoint

In order to reset default values for your endpoints, you can just click on the button “Reset Defaults” available on the bottom of the settings page.

Reset default values

In case you wanted to reset content of WooCommerce endpoints, remember leaving the content text area empty, except for the following entries:

  • My downloads: insert the shortcode [my_downloads_content]
  • View Order: insert the shortcode [view_order_content]