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How to filter product selection

The shown products of the page can be filtered by title, description, SKU, category, tag, color, price, weight, status, catalog visibility, shipping class, product type, and attributes.


For Title, Description, and SKU, you can insert a value after selecting one of the following options: Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, Ends with or Regular expression.

Filter options

The list also includes variable products. If you want to add the single variations of the shop products, flag the “Include Variations” option, and every single variation will be editable just like any other product.

Include variations

Get products

First of all, once you create your filter conditions, you can apply the filters and get a list with all the products that match the filters. To do that make sure you click on the “Get Products” button.

Get products

The list of products will be returned below:

List of products

Select on filters

After that, you can either select the products you want to edit manually from the table, or make a custom selection based on the filters.

So, if you want to select all the products of the table, make sure you leave the filters unchanged and click on “Select on filters“.

Yet, if you want to make a custom selection of the products returned into the table, then update the filters and click on “Select on filters“. This will only select those products matching the new filters.

Select on filters