YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

Using both premium versions of the plugins, the quick order form will show an option to add the product to the quote request.

raq and quick order

When the Request a Quote plugin is activated, you will find a new checkbox in the “form edit” page. If this option is checked, the button ‘add to quote’ will appear inside the quick order form.

quick order form raq

How to create a new product form

Access the plugin settings panel under YITH Plugins > Quick Order Forms and clic on Add new.

Add new quick order form

You are now in the form configuration page. Let’s look into all the sections in it.

Form settings

edit form

  • Description: the text you add here will not be shown to users, but it’s a description that will help the admin identify the form quickly in the list of all forms.
  • Pagination: number of products per page displayed in the form
  • Choose product information to show: choose the product information that has to appear in the form (SKU, thumbnail, price, discount, show search filter, show number of products, show stock, show variable price, show quantity)
  • Choose which add to cart buttons you want to show: choose among 3 options to show the add to cart button (individual, for all products at the top/bottom)
  • Choose how to sort the form by default: Sort on price, sku, date, name or menu.

Form permissions

Form permissions

By default, the form can be accessed by every user, but you can set visibility restrictions and make it available to a selection of users only.

Unauthorized users will be shown a message that you can edit in the field “Custom message for restricted visibility”.

Products chosen

Product chosen

In this section, you can choose the products to include in the form. Select product by:

  • name
  • category
  • tag


Product form: an example

Quick order form

How to show your product form

There are two different ways to add the form to your website’s pages.

Insert form through shortcode

Go on the form edit page, copy the shortcode that you find on the right side and paste it onto the page where you want to add the form.

Show form using shortcode

Insert form using a PHP function

As an alternative to the shortcode, you can edit your theme templates. To do this, you can use the PHP code that you find on the form page.


Show form using PHP code


WooCommerce Cart widget

If you add the widget “WooCommerce Cart” into your sidebar, users will be able to see their cart contents update in real time.

Every time users add a new product, the cart updates via AJAX instead of making the page refresh.

WooCommerce Cart Widget

In order to show the widget only on the pages where there is also a product form, enable the option “Show only in form” that you find in the widget.

WooCommerce Cart Widget