General information

The premium version of the plugin allows applying purchase restriction rules depending on the amount and the product quantity.

The restriction rules can be configured in a global way by using categories and/or tags or in a specific way on single products.

When an error occurs, the plugin shows custom messages to notify the user about the conditions that prevents the purchase.

We recommend scrolling the page to discover how to use the plugin in the correct way.

How to set quantity restrictions

The quantity control can be globally managed from the plugin settings dashboard or specifically on single product.
Go to here to learn about how to configure the settings for single product.

Global rules

Single product rules

In YITH Plugins -> Minimum Maximum Quantity you can configure the restriction rules for:

  • cart: the user can’t proceed with the checkout if the number of products added to cart doesn’t fulfill the inserted values
  • products: the quantity limits are applied to all the products of the shop (unless the product provides different settings)
  • categories: the quantity limits are applied to all the shop categories. This means the total product quantity of each category must correspond to the specified limits.
    If you want to exclude the category from the general limits, enable “Exclude category” that you find in the WooCommerce category page.
  • tag: the quantity limits are applied to all the shop tags. The total products must correspond to the limits for each tag in the cart.
    If you want to exclude a tag from the general limits, enable “Exclude tag” that you find in the WooCommerce category page.

The restriction rules can be combined. Pay attention to their compatibility.
The general rules can be overridden on single product. If this doesn’t happen, the system will apply the quantity restriction rules basing on the following priority ascending order:

  • rules by tag
  • rules by category
  • rules by product

Quantity groups

An additional quantity restriction is given by the possibility to compel the user to purchase the products as default groups, such as lots including 2,3 or 6 products.

Specify the number of groups to purchase the product in “Quantity groups of”.

According to the previous quantity restrictions, this option can be configured for all products in cart, or by categories, tags or on a product basis.

For Cart, category and tag restrictions, go to YITH > Minimum Maximum Quantity > Settings.

Global option configuration

If you need to set quantity group restrictions on specific products, open the product edit page and set up the option in Minimum Maximum Quantity tab.

Single product option configuration

How to set restrictions on single product

The global restrictions can be overridden on the single product.

Edit the product and open the “Minimum Maximum Quantity” section.


If you don’t want to apply any quantity restriction on the product, enable “Exclude Product”.

Otherwise, enable “Override product restrictions” and insert the required values that will be applied to the product overriding the global ones.

Variable products

You can configure the amount limits for each single variation of the variable products.
Follow these steps:

Go to the product, select the tab Minimum Maximum Quantity and enable the Override product restrictions and Enable variation restrictions entries.

Enable restriction on variation

Now you can set different quantity values for each variation.

Set quantity restriction for each variation

How to set amount restrictions

Like for the quantity, the plugin allows controlling the purchase and prevents it when the amount is higher or lower than the one you specified.

In order to configure the amount limits, go to the plugin settings dashboard in YITH Plugins -> Minimum Maximum Discount.

If you want to control the cart total amount, you need to enable the cart restrictions in the “Cart restrictions” section and insert the specific minimum and/or maximum amount.

Purchase restrictions

The user will be notified if an error in the “Cart” page occurs.

Error message

In addition to the cart, the purchase control can be also applied to product categories and/or tags.

The values inserted in the settings dashboard are general and applied to all the categories and/or tags.
The system checks that the total amount of the products of each category and/or tag fulfills the specified limits.

In order to exclude a category or a tag from the general restrictions, go to WooCommerce category/tag page and enable “Exclude Product”.

Learn about how to override the limit for a specific category or tag in the “Bulk Actions” section.

Bulk actions

The general restrictions can be overridden in YITH Plugins -> Minimum Maximum Quantity -> Bulk Actions by configuring specific quantity and amount limits for one or more products, categories and tags.







Note: the products excluded from configured restrictions are marked with a particular symbol in the cart.

How to enable messages to show in the site

Purchase rules

You can show the complete list of the purchase rules in the product detail page: in this way, your users will know the necessary conditions to purchase in your e-commerce site.

Go to “Message settings”, enable “Show rules on product page” and choose the spot of the page where you want to show the rules.

Show purchase rules

Purchase rules on product page

Cart error message

In the Message settings section, you can customize the error messages that will be displayed in “Cart” page. This way, users will be informed about the changes they have to do to validate their cart and so proceed to the checkout step.

Customize error messages

Error messages on cart

Add to cart error message

In the Message settings section, under the “Add to Cart” Error Messages entry, you can find the complete list of all those messages that can be displayed to users when they add a product to the cart and an error condition happens. Activate or deactivate the displaying of these messages from the correlated option.

Customize error messages

Error messages on cart

YITH Quick Order Forms

YITH Quick Order Forms lets you create custom product forms in a few clicks. Ideal for you retailers to place massive orders, easily and quickly, thanks to the tailored form created for them.

The only thing you will have to do is activate both plugins and apply your quantity rules.

min-max forms

In the example above, we have set a minimum quantity of 5 for Meat bals and a maximum quantity of 10 for Tacos. As you can see the quantity rules are applied to the quick order form.

For more information on how to create these forms, check the complete YITH WooCommerce Quick Order Forms documentation here.