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Payouts receivers settings

From the plugin settings panel, click on the tab called Payout Receivers Settings to add all the people you want to share profits with.

Make sure the receiver you want to add has already registered to your website, as you can only add existing users to this page.

Click on Add new Receiver, start typing the username and select it. Enter then his/her PayPal Email address, which is where the payments will be sent to. Finally, enter the commission percentage.

Please, note: when you set the commission percentage, make sure it is a reasonable percentage as this commission will be calculated out of the order subtotal, excluding taxes. Yet, every transaction processed by PayPal has fees, so, make sure you consider all the expenses when you set this commission rate.

Payout Receivers Settings

If you want to read more about PayPal commission fees on transactions, please, refer to PayPal official documentation.