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Payouts List

In the following section, Payouts List, you will find all the payouts you have issued so far.

They are listed in batches and grouped by order. On the first column, you find the reference order, followed by the Payout Batch ID.

Payouts list

IMPORTANT: Please, consider that the payouts will only be issued when the order status goes to completed.

The third column of the table shows the current status of the payout batch. It can be one of the following:

  • unprocessed: you will see the status when no payment has been made yet and the order hasn’t gone to completed status yet.
  • pending: this is a temporary status that appears when the transaction hasn’t been processed yet.
  • processing: this is the status that the batch payment takes when the payments are being processed.
  • success: the payout batch take on this status when all payments have been correctly issued to all receivers.

Payout Mode column: it refers to the type of payment that is linked to the batch. It can take on the following statuses:

  • Instant: this is the default status you will see when the plugin is used to pay a percentage on every order to all the receivers.
  • Affiliate: this status appears when the Payout payment is related to an affiliate commission generated through YITH WooCommerce Affiliates plugin.
  • Commission: this status appears when the Payout payment is related to a vendor commission generated through YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugin.

Payout Details: click on this button to see the detail of the Payout batch and all transactions included in it.

This is an example of how a batch looks like:

Payout details

There are two payouts listed under the same order because there are two receivers set for shop payouts.

This is an example of how the transactions look like in the admin’s PayPal account:

Payouts in admin's paypal account.png

If you use this plugin in combination with Multi Vendor or Affiliates, there might be more transactions in the same batch than the listed receivers.

By clicking on the “eye” icon in the last column of Payout Details, you will get to see a popup with the Payout item details: