General information

General information

This plugins adds the PayPal Adaptive Payments payment method to the checkout page, when at least one product “with commissions” is present.

Only in this case, all other payment gateways will be automatically removed, once PayPal Adaptive Payments is active.

You can choose between two different payment methods: Parallel and Chained.
Whichever you pick, don’t forget to insert theemail address associated to your PayPal Business account.

For each commission, PayPal applies a fee which is automatically subtracted from the amount credited to the vendor user.

Parallel method

The Parallel payment method has the following features:

  • Payment is immediately split among main vendors and recipients
  • PayPal accepts up to a maximum amount of di 6 recipients (Including the admin). For further information, visit this page.
  • the purchasing user can see the complete list of vendors

Chained method

The Chained method offers you the chance to receive the payment from the user and to pay the commissions to vendors later.

Commissions payment will occur automatically after x days from the moment the user performs the payment and the money will be taken directly from their PayPal account.

The system uses cron to automate payments using the Chained Delayed method.

You can have at most one primary receiver and 1-9 secondary receivers.

In the case of postponed payment (Chained Delayed), the payment of commissions can be manually forced by the dedicated button you find on Orders page.

In conclusion, the basic difference between Chained and Parallel is that by choosing the first one, the whole amount paid by the user is going to be credited to the PayPal account of the admin, and from there, commission payments are going to be automatically issued to the recipients.

During payment, the admin name is going to be the only one displayed to users in the vendors list, contrarily to what happens with the Parallel payment method.