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How to enable multi-shipping for orders

By default, the plugin allows adding multiple shipping addresses to the orders for all the products of your shop through the related option from the plugin settings dashboard. Once enabled, you can choose whether to allow also guest users to set additional shipping addresses through the option Allow guest users.

Moreover, by enabling the option Show package weight, the total weight, previously configured in the product edit page, will show in the order summary on the Checkout page.

If you want to exclude certain products or categories from the multi-shipping feature, you can do it by adding them to the related lists available in the plugin dashboard.

Exclude products

Exclude products

Exclude categories

Exclude categories

The plugin supports variable products and allows your users to add a different shipping address for each single product variation.

Variable product

How to ship the same product to different addresses

When adding two or more of the same product to the cart, users can choose to ship a specific quantity to different shipping addresses.

When clicking on Ship this item to other addresses, the plugin automatically splits the product quantity that can be then adjusted depending on the user’s need.

In the example below, the customer has added 3 Cherokee T-shirts to the cart.

Ship this items to different addresses

After clicking on Ship this item to other addresses, the product quantity splits and the user can select from the drop-down the shipping addresses previously added.

Ship the same product to different addresses

For higher quantities, the user can manage how many of the same product to ship to each address added.

How the admin can manage shipping addresses

The plugin allows the administrator to edit the shipping status of the products associated with each shipping address. To edit the status, go to the order details and choose the one you want to set from Processing, Shipped, Cancelled, and Returned.

Edit shipping status - admin

From order details, you can also edit the shipping addresses data.

manage shipping data

Checkout and My Account pages

Users can manage their shipping addresses both on Checkout and My Account page. For every single address, they can apply the following actions: add, delete, and change the data.

Checkout page:

Manage shipping addresses on checkout page

My Account page:

Manage shipping addresses on My Account page


As the site administrator, you can enable the option Enable this email notification to notify users of a shipping status change.


When the option is enabled, users will receive an automatic email when the shipping status changes.  The administrator can customize the email subject, heading, and body.

Local Pickup integration

In order to enable the integration between the Multiple Shipping Addresses plugin and Local pickup, you will need to set local pickup as a shipping method.

Local pickup
Local pickup settings

After that, the customer will be able to choose Local pickup as a ‘destination’ when defining the packages to ship to multiple addresses.

Local pickup on Checkout page
Local pickup option frontend


This plugin fully supports Elementor. When using the Elementor editor, you will be able to find the widget YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses and place it wherever you want on your shop pages.