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Can I upgrade from the free version of the plugin to the premium one?

Yes, it’s easy. Go to this page, purchase the premium version of the plugin and install it into your theme. Once activated, the free one will be automatically deactivated.

Do I lose the settings of the free version if I activate the premium one?

No, your settings will be kept and new features will be added.

Is it possible to use the scrolling feature on more sections at the same time?

The premium version of the plugin lets you create infinite sections and activate the scrolling effect on each of these.

What is infinite scrolling exactly?

The infinite scrolling pre-loads the content of the next page and offers them inside the same page, right after the content is already available, so you will be able to show all of your products on the same page.

Does your YITH Infinite Scrolling premium remember the position when you hit the back button?

Yes, it does. To enable this, make sure you check the option called Change the URL of the page whenever new items are loaded.

Whenever you visit a product and then go back to the main page (with the scrolling feature enabled), you will be brought exactly where you had left, where you were before visiting the product.

Read more about how to activate this option here.

Does the plugin work with Elementor page builder?

Yes, the plugin works well. It does not interfere with pages built with Elementor, so you can use both plugins on your site without any issues.