Active Campaign options

Subscription to the list

Go to the plugin settings dashboard and select, in “Active Campaign list”, the list to which you want to subscribe your users.
All the lists available in your account will be shown: if you have just created a new list and it is not shown among the available ones, click on “Update Lists” button to update the list.

Active Campaign list

Now you can decide the moment for the user to be subscribed to the selected list, by choosing from two options:

  • Once the order is placed
  • Once the order is completed

Register after

 The customer will be automatically added to the list. If you want the customer to choose if he wants to be added or not, you need to select the “show newsletter subscription checkbox”. The checkbox will be shown in the “Checkout” page.

Show newsletter checkbox

  • “Newsletter subscription” label: You can edit the text shown next to the checkbox.
  • Position of “Newsletter subscription” You can choose the position of the newsletter checkbox, on the checkout page.

  • Show “newsletter subscription” as checked: If a customer does not want to be added to the list, they have to ‘uncheck’ the box themselves.

With contact status you can decide if the customer will receive our newsletter or not, there are three options:

  • Instant responders: The customer will receive messages automatically, directly after he subscribed.
  • Future responders: Defines if you want to send messages in the future.
  • Send last message: Define if you want to send the user the last message.