The premium version of the plugin gives you the possibility to export directly from your store a set of users for your Active Campaign list.
You can export automatically to your Active Campaign account or manually on CSV file.

Export settings

  • Active Campaign list: the Active Campaign list to which you want to export the list of users coming from your store.
  • Status: Active or unsubscribe.
  • Instant responders: 
  • No future responders
  • Groups of users: users of your sthop that you want to export to the specified Active Campaign list. You can choose among .. different possibilities:
    • All users
    • All customers
    • Select a group of users manually
    • Filter users using custom conditions

If you have exported your users list in CSV format, we suggest you to follow the Active Campaign guidelines in order to import in the correct way. You will find the buttons (shown below) on your Active Campaign page. 

Import or export files