General settings

Before starting configuring your watermarks, take a look at the General settings tab in YITH > Watermark.

From this page, you can make a backup copy of all the images of your store, so that you’ll be able to restore them at any time without the watermark.

As soon as you install the plugin, it will back up all the images, but if you add more images, it’s up to you to use this backup feature to keep your backup always up to date.

Click on Backup to make a copy of all your images.

Also, you can apply all watermarks that you’ve created at once by simply clicking on Apply all watermarks.

And finally, if you click on Reset button, you’ll be able to delete all product images with a watermark and restore your older images. Please, note that once completed, you have to deactivate the plugin and regenerate image thumbnails.


Add a Watermark To Your Products

This page of the documentation will help you with the creation of a new watermark using the premium version of the plugin. Follow the procedure to discover all settings needed to customize your watermark.

The plugin lets you assign a watermark at the same time on all products of the shop, on all products of selected categories, or in a customized way for each available product. In the first case, you will have to create watermarks in the “Active Watermark” tab available in the settings panel YITH Plugins -> Watermark.

add new watermark

On the contrary, if you want to overwrite the single product general rules, you will just have to open the page of a product and enable the “Watermark” entry. From this moment on, you will be free to configure different watermarks only for that specific product.

add watermark product

The plugin creates a backup of all product images and the files are stored in the  wp-content/uploads/yith_watermark_backup.

Select Watermark Type

Watermarks can be created in two different ways: by images or by text. For image watermarks, select the image you want to use and upload it to the WordPress library with the related button.

watermark position

If you want to use a text watermark, you can customize it with the following options:

  • Watermark Text: text of the watermark
  • Watermark Font: font of the watermark; choose among “Dancingscript”, “Droidserif”, “Kurale”, “Opesans”, “Playfordisplay”, and “Shadowsintolishttwo
  • Watermark Font Color: the color of the watermark
  • Watermark Font Size: size of the font of the watermark (pixels)
  • Box Width ( % ): width of the watermark box, in percentage compared to the image on which it is applied
  • Box Height ( % ): height of the watermark box, in percentage compared to the image on which it is applied
  • Line Height: line height of the text of the watermark
  • Watermark Background Color: background color of the watermark
  • Watermark Opacity: opacity of the watermark compared to the image on which it is applied (0 to 100)
  • Rotate text to: Specify an angle between 0 and 360° to rotate your text


Select Image Type

select shop size

While you are creating a watermark, you will have to indicate on which type of images you want to apply it. You can choose from four options:

  • the featured image in the single product page
  • the product thumbnail showed in the “Shop” page
  • the product thumbnail showed in the “Gallery” section of the product detail page (under the product featured image)
  • the image at its original size (you can see in the model window)

Click on the button “Repeat Image” to repeat the watermark on the whole product image.


Product Categories

With this option, you can apply the watermark to those images that belong to a specific category.

categories watermark

Place The Watermark

Watermarks can be easily placed within the panel options “Watermark Position”.
At the right of the box, you can find a preview to let you understand how the watermark will be applied to the image.

To be sure about its position, set the right and the left margins (in pixels) of the watermark, starting from the selected position.

Let’s make an example, we have created two watermarks (one from a text and another one from an image) for the product images displayed in the shop page, and after adding them from the “Settings” tab of the plugin, we will see product images in this way:

place watermark

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier enables zoom functions on the featured images of your product. The Zoom Magnifier plugin uses a different image size, so the Watermark plugin will add this specific image size in the available image sizes.

zoom and watermark

In order to make the two plugins work together, you will only have to activate the premium version of both of them.

For more information on how to set up the zoom plugin, take a look at the full documentation here.