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General options

In this tab, you can find some global options to set the quality of your images, apply a reset and enable the plugin log.

General options

These options are:

  • Images Quality: the value entered in this field will allow keeping the original quality of the images or reducing it. Values go from 0 to 100 (the higher the value, the higher the quality). This option works only with jpg and png images.
  • Reset and regenerate the thumbnails: through the Reset button, all product images with watermarks will be removed and the thumbnails will be regenerated.

When clicking on the Reset button, you’ll be asked for confirmation before proceeding since all the thumbnails will be regenerated and the action can not be undone.

Reset watermarks

  • Enable log: by enabling this option, the plugin will generate a list of applied actions. This can be useful to developers and to provide technical support.