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Apply watermarks to specific products

If you need to create one or more watermarks for a specific product, you can override the global ones directly from the product edit page. From the section Watermark, click on the button + Add watermark.Create watermarks for specific products

You will be now able to choose the type of watermark to create from text and image and configure it according to your needs.

Watermark for specific product

The options available are the same as the global ones. Learn about how to create image watermarks here and text watermarks here.

In each created watermark, you will find two buttons:

Update and delete product watermarks

  • Update watermark: when editing the watermark, click on the button to save your changes;
  • Delete watermarks: by clicking on the button, you will remove the current watermark applied to the product.

Reset all watermarks

If you have applied more than one watermark to the product, you can easily remove them all by clicking on the button Reset all watermarks.

Reset all watermarks