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Sharing settings

Sharing settings

The sharing buttons can be shown on the product page and in “Cart” and “Checkout” pages.
Go to YITH > Share for Discounts > Sharing Settings, where you will be able to customize the texts of the sharing box first:

  • Box title before sharing (Product page)
  • Box title before sharing (Generic page)
  • Box title after sharing
  • Message after sharing

Afterwards, you will find all those options to enable the sharing box on product pages, Cart and Checkout and choose the position where the box appears.

  • Enable on on-sale products: this option allow you to share also on-sale products, which normally cannot be shared.
  • Show on product page
  • Add to cart after sharing: this option allows you to apply the coupon automatically to the cart as soon as the product is shared.
  • Product page position:
    • Before title
    • After price
    • Before “Add to cart”
    • Before tabs
    • Between tabs and related products
    • After related products
  • Show on checkout page
  • Checkout position:
    • Before customer details
    • After customer details
  • Show on cart page
  • Cart page position:
    • Before cart
    • Cart collaterals
    • After cart

Custom sharing settings

In the same tab Sharing pages you will be able to find another section called Custom sharing settings.

If you leave this empty the plugin will automatically share the URL of the page where the user is, otherwise, you can change this to a custom URL and a custom message: