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General notes

With YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts, you can allow the sharing of the contents of your shop on social networks via Twitter, LinkedIn or via email. Just make sure you activate the plugin from the General settings panel first.

In order to let the plugin work properly, it is essential to enable coupons in WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout.


The product sharing generates a coupon, which options can be fully set up from the “Coupon settings” tab.

Sharing options on product page

Coupon in cart

You can share the same product more than once but only after 24 hours.

Configure twitter application

In order to share via Twitter, it is essential to configure a new application for the required parameters in the plugin settings dashboard.

Go to and click on the “Create new app” button.


Complete the required fields and insert in “Callback url” one of the two options suggested in YITH > Share for Discounts > Settings > Twitter


After creating the application, go to the “Keys and Access Tokens” section to recover the required parameters, that is “Twitter Consumer Key” and “Twitter Consumer Secret”.
Copy and paste them in the related options of the plugin.


As last step click on the “Create my access token” button that you find at the bottom of “Keys and Access Tokens” Twitter section.


If the process ended well, now your users could start sharing your contents via Twitter in order to get the discount you provided.



Configure LinkedIn application

To enable the content sharing through LinkedIn, it is essential to create a LinkedIn application and recover the parameters required by the plugin.

Log in to and click on the “Create application” button.


Fill in the required fields of the form.


Now copy “Client ID” and “Client Secret” associated with the application and paste them in the plugin settings dashboard.


Now you can apply the sharing via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn share button

Email sharing

To enable the sharing via email, you just have to enable the option in YITH > Share for Discounts > General settings and whenever users click on the email sharing button, they will get a form where they can enter the sender and receiver email addresses and a custom message. 

The receiver will get a message with a link to the page you’ve shared.

Email sharing

Coupon settings

The plugin automatically generates a coupon when a product is shared. The user could use the coupon by adding it to the cart.
The amount and modality about the use of the generated coupon depend on the configuration settings, in Share for Discounts -> Coupon Settings, after the coupon sharing.

The coupon can be applied to the shared product or to the cart.
Generically, the coupons are cumulative only if applied on the product and the user doesn’t share the same product on the same day.
Once shared, the product could no longer be selected again within the same day.The user will find the coupon automatically applied in “cart” and “checkout” pages.

Coupon in cart

Each generated coupon from a sharing is identified by a name that includes the username- label followed by year, month, day, hour, minute and second of the content shared.

Coupon pattern

If you want to automatically remove all the expired coupons generated by the plugin, enable “Expired Coupon Clearing”.
The removal can be also done manually through the “Remove expired coupons” button.

Sharing settings

Sharing settings

The sharing buttons can be shown on the product page and in “Cart” and “Checkout” pages.
Go to YITH > Share for Discounts > Sharing Settings, where you will be able to customize the texts of the sharing box first:

  • Box title before sharing (Product page)
  • Box title before sharing (Generic page)
  • Box title after sharing
  • Message after sharing

Afterwards, you will find all those options to enable the sharing box on product pages, Cart and Checkout and choose the position where the box appears.

  • Enable on on-sale products: this option allow you to share also on-sale products, which normally cannot be shared.
  • Show on product page
  • Add to cart after sharing: this option allows you to apply the coupon automatically to the cart as soon as the product is shared.
  • Product page position:
    • Before title
    • After price
    • Before “Add to cart”
    • Before tabs
    • Between tabs and related products
    • After related products
  • Show on checkout page
  • Checkout position:
    • Before customer details
    • After customer details
  • Show on cart page
  • Cart page position:
    • Before cart
    • Cart collaterals
    • After cart

Custom sharing settings

In the same tab Sharing pages you will be able to find another section called Custom sharing settings.

If you leave this empty the plugin will automatically share the URL of the page where the user is, otherwise, you can change this to a custom URL and a custom message:


The plugin is ready to use with the new Gutenberg editor. When you add a new post or page, you will be able to find our YITH shortcodes and widgets. With a simple click they will be added to your page.

Gutenberg block