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Coupon configuration

You can configure an unlimited number of coupon types, according to the way you want to reward customers leaving reviews for products of your shop.
In the section “Review Discounts” you can find a complete list of all coupons configured. To create a new one, just click on “Add new”.


Inside this page, you find a complete list of settings for coupons configuration.


Let’s analyze all settings singularly:

  • “Coupon description”: coupon description displayed in emails and on the administration side of the coupon page.
  • “Triggering event”: depending on the selection in this entry, a coupon can be generated by single review or by reaching a certain number of reviews.
    With the first option, that is “Single Review”, you can select product categories and specific products to activate coupon sending. On the contrary, by leaving empty fields the coupon will be generated automatically for each inserted review for any product in the shop.


In case you decide to select “Multiple Review”, you need to add the number of requested reviews (inserted by the customer for products in the shop) to generate a coupon and to consequently send the email.


Moreover, the plugin allows enabling email sending to remind customers of how many reviews are left to reach the requested number. To make this, activate the option “Send notification approaching requested quantity” and specify when enabling email sending.


  • Assuming you specified 5 as requested “quantity of reviews” and 2 as initial quantity, the plugin will send an automatic email for all new reviews customers insert. Starting from the second inserted review, the customer will receive three emails before reaching the requested quantity of reviews.
  • “Discount type”: the discount (percentage or fixed) can be applied in cart value or in products price.
  • “Coupon amount”: coupon amount
  • “Validity days”: number of days for coupon validity. At the lapse of these days, the coupon can’t be used anymore.
    Expired or used coupons can be deleted if you activated the options “Deletion of Expired Coupons” plugin setting dashboard, in YIT Plugins > Review for Discounts


  • Only coupons generated by the plugin can be deleted. In case the automatic deleting isn’t activated, you can remove expired or used coupons with the button “Delete Expired Coupons”.
  • “Allow free shipping”: coupon use implies free shipping of orders
  • “Single use only”: coupon can’t be combined with other discount codes
  • “Minimum amount to spend”: minimum amount of purchase requested to use coupon
  • “Maximum amount to spend”: maximum amount of purchase not to exceed to use coupon
  • “Products”: products on which it’s possible to apply the discount code
  • “Product categories”: selection of product categories on which it’s possible to apply the discount