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How to enable reCaptcha

reCaptcha options

The reCaptcha system refers to Google’s “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. In order for it to work correctly, it requires two pieces of data: the reCaptcha site key and the reCaptcha secret key. Follow these instructions to configure the reCaptcha correctly. First of all, register an account on Google, in case you did not have one yet, go to the Google reCaptcha page and click on the button Get reCAPTCHA.

Google reCaptcha

Once logged into your Google account, register a new site for the application and add the required data.

reCaptcha options
  • Display name: enter the name to identify the key;
  • Choose platform type: select Website;
  • Domains: add all the domains where the Google reCaptcha system will be activated.

Now click on Create key.

After creating the project, go to V3 admin console and recover the keys to be copied and pasted in the plugin settings.

Copy reCaptcha keys