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General settings

The plugin adds a new tab to the product page where customers will be able to ask a question about the product and see all questions and answers related to it.

Questions can be added on the frontend by the customers and on the backend by the administrator.

The ordering is based on the publication date, so the first question shown will be the most recent one.

Questions and Answers tab on product page

All general settings are managed from YITH -> Questions & Answers > General.

General settings
  • Shop name: enter the name of the shop that will show in the notification email;
  • Question paging: enter the number of questions you want to show per product on page loading. By setting the value to 0, the plugin will show all discussions about the product;
  • Answer paging: enter the number of answers you want to show per question.  Set the value to 0 if you want to show all the answers on the page. On the contrary, if set to a different value, paging will be automatically activated to let users read the other answers;
  • Question approval: enable this option if the question asked by the user has to be approved by the admin before being shown on the page;
  • Answer approval: enable this option if the answer given by another user/customer needs to be approved before being shown;
General settings
  • Allow guest users: enable this option to allow guest users to add questions and/or answers;
  • Only admins can reply: enable this option if you want only the administrators to answer the questions;
  • Mandatory data for guest users: enable this option to let guest users add a question/answer only if entering their name and email;
  • FAQ mode: enable this option to prevent users from adding questions and answers and show questions and answers in FAQ mode. These can be old questions added by users (the admin has turned on FAQ mode afterward) or questions and answers added by the admin;
  • Show on product tabs: enable this option if you want to show the question and answer option as a tab on the product detail page (example below).
  • Tab label: enter the title to show for the tab (example below).
  • Question section title: enter the title for the questions & answers tab (example below).
Questions & Answers tab
  • Questions and Answers counter: Enable if you want to show a counter of the number of questions and answers added for that product (example below).
Show counter

How the vote system works

In the Advanced section, you can choose whether registered users can upvote or downvote one or more questions and answers related to the products. 

Vote question
  • Vote question: enable this option to allow registered users to upvote and downvote questions;
Vote question - Frontend
  • New question notification: select Notification in HTML email if you want the administrator to receive a notification when a user adds a new question about a product. If you don’t want to receive notifications, select Do not send notifications;
  • New answer notification: select Notification in HTML email if you want the administrator to receive a notification when a user adds a new answer to a question. If you don’t want to receive notifications, select Do not send notifications;
  • User notification: enable this option to let your users receive a notification when their question has been answered;
Vote answers
  • Vote answers: enable this option if you want registered users to be able to specify whether they found the answers useful or not;
Vote answer - Frontend
  • Inappropriate content: choose whether users can report an answer if they feel like it is inappropriate or not. This option can be enabled for all users, or only for the registered ones;
Inappropriate content
  • Hiding threshold: enter the number of reports received about inappropriate content for an answer before hiding it automatically. Set the value to 0 if you don’t want to hide it automatically;
  • Answer excerpt: set the number of characters you want to show as a preview of the answer. Set 0 to show the whole content of the answer. Otherwise, users will have to click on the “Read More” button to view the whole answer;
Answer excerpt
Anonymous mode
  • Anonymous mode: enable this option if you want to hide the name of the users that have added a question/answer;
  • Anonymous date mode: enable this option if you want to hide the date when users have added a question/answer;
  • Ask customer for an answer: choose whether to send an email to customers to ask them to answer a question about a product they have previously bought or not. You can send the request to all customers or only to a specific number of customers, randomly selected, by defining the value in the option Survey sample size.
Ask for an answer

The email contains two links to let users state if they don’t want to receive further emails about the related product, or if they don’t want to receive emails about all the products they have purchased.

How to manage inappropriate content

The inappropriate content option available in the Advanced section lets users report an answer with content considered inappropriate.

Inappropriate content option
  • Inappropriate content: by enabling this option, users can report an answer if they feel like it is inappropriate. It can be enabled for all users, or only for the registered ones.
Report inappropriate content
  • Hiding threshold: through this option, you can decide how many inappropriate reports an answer needs to receive before being automatically hidden. Set value 0 if you never want to hide it automatically.

The inappropriate answer will always be available for the administrator in the “Inappropriate Content” section, inside the WordPress “Questions and Answers” menu entry.

Inappropriate content tab

To reactivate it, simply click on Set appropriate”.

Set appropriate

How to enable reCaptcha

reCaptcha options

The reCaptcha system refers to Google’s “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. In order for it to work correctly, it requires two pieces of data: the reCaptcha site key and the reCaptcha secret key. Follow these instructions to configure the reCaptcha correctly. First of all, register an account on Google, in case you did not have one yet, go to the Google reCaptcha page and click on the button Get reCAPTCHA.

Google reCaptcha

Once logged into your Google account, register a new site for the application and add the required data.

reCaptcha options
  • Display name: enter the name to identify the key;
  • Choose platform type: select Website;
  • Domains: add all the domains where the Google reCaptcha system will be activated.

Now click on Create key.

After creating the project, go to V3 admin console and recover the keys to be copied and pasted in the plugin settings.

Copy reCaptcha keys

How to manage questions and answers from backend

Questions & Answers section

All the questions and answers posted on the store products are collected in the “Questions and Answers” custom post type. The list includes both the questions and answers of the users and those written by the administrators of the store.
Each of them can be deleted or modified at any time.

If you want to add a new question from the backend, click on “Add New”.

Add new question

Write the text of the question in the top part of the page and select the product to which you want to link it to.

To answer a question, click on the specific question and write the answer.

How to answer a question

In the question & answers section on the frontend, the answers by administrators are highlighted as shown in the example below:

Admin's answers

From the Questions & Answers tab, you can see positive and negative votes, and if there are inappropriate reports for the answers.

Upvotes, downvotes and abuse reports

The inappropriate contents removed from the shop are collected in the “Inappropriate content” voice menu.

Inappropriate content

Click on “Set appropriate” to show contents that were previously flagged as inappropriate.

Set appropriate

Once the question is displayed to the users again, it will not be necessary to have a certain number of inappropriate reports (like the first time): after the first report, it will be hidden immediately.


Thanks to the integrated shortcode [ywqa_questions], you can show the Questions&Answers section everywhere on the product page.

Please, note: this shortcode only works on product pages!

Questions and Answers shortcode
The other shortcode available is [unsubscribe_shortcode] which allows

creating a page where users can unsubscribe from the Q&A emails.

Unsubscribe shortcode