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How to manage questions and answers from backend

questions and answers

All the questions and answers of the store products are collected in the “Questions and Answers” custom post type. The list contains both the questions and answers of the users and those written by the administrators of the store.
Each of them can be deleted or modified at any time.

Edit questions and answers

If you want to add a new question from the backend, click on “Add New”.

add new question

Write the text of the question in the top part of the page and select the product to which you want to link it to.

q&a select product

To answer a question, click on the specific question and write the answer.

add answer

In the question & answers section on the frontend, the answers by administrators are highlighted as shown in the example below:

Admin's answers

The premium version of the plugin offers a screen with more information about the questions and answers of the products. Showing positive and negative votes, and if there are inappropriate reports for the answers.

upvotes and downvotes

The inappropriate contents removed from the shop are collected in the “Inappropriate content” voice menu.

inappropriate content

Click on “Set appropriate” to show contents that were previously flagged as inappropriate.

set appropriate

Once the question is displayed to the users again, it will not be necessary to have a certain number of inappropriate reports (like the first time): after the first report, it will be hidden immediately.