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General settings

The plugin adds a new tab to the product page where customers will be able to ask a question about the product and see all questions and answers related to it.

Questions can be added on the frontend by the customers and on the backend by the administrator.

The ordering is based on the publication date, so the first question shown will be the most recent one.

Questions and Answers tab on product page

All general settings are managed from YITH -> Questions & Answers.

General settings options

  • Shop name: Name of the shop that will show in the notification email.
  • Question paging: The number of questions you want to show per product on page loading. By setting the value 0, the plugin will show all discussions about the product.
  • Answer paging: The number of answers you want to show per question.  Set the value to zero if you want to show all the answers on the page. On the contrary, if set to a different value, paging will be automatically activated to let users read the other answers.
  • Question approval: Decide if the question asked by the user has to be approved by the admin before showing it on the page.
  • Answer approval: The answer given by another user/customer needs to be approved before showing it.

General settings options

General settings options

  • Allow guest users: Allow guest users to add questions and/or answers.
  • Mandatory data for guest users: To add a question/answer, guest users need to enter their name and email.
  • FAQ mode: Enable the option to prevent users from adding questions and answers and show questions and answers in FAQ mode. These can be old questions added by users (admin has turned on FAQ mode afterward) or questions and answers added by the admin.
  • Show on product tabs: The question and answer option will show as a tab on the product detail page (example below).
  • Tab label: The title you want to give to the tab (example below).
  • Question section title: Title inside the tab (example below).


  • Questions and Answers counter: Enable if you want to show a counter of the number of questions and answers added for that product (example below).

Show questions and answers counter