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Manage deposit and balance orders

For each order request the plugin creates a parent order and a specified number of child orders, as many as the deposits paid for parent order.
In this case, one parent and one child order will be generated.

List of orders

Parent order refers to the payment request sent already by the customer. As it happens for any other order in the shop, the order takes on the status “On hold” in case of bank transfers or cheques, or the status “Processing” for PayPal payments.

Parent order

On the contrary, the child order refers to the product for which the deposit has been paid and its amount will be equal to the remaining amount to be paid for the product. If the product is not a “virtual” one, it will also include th shipping fees.+ In our example, the order amount is equal to 74£ divided in this way:

  • 64£: remaining amount to pay (69£, minus the 5£ deposit)
  • 10£: shipping fees of the product

Child order

Users can complete their payment in their “My Account” page.