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Email notifications

Section “Notify”, available in option panel, allows you to enable or disable automatic email notifications if the following conditions apply:

  • order containing at least one deposit is completed: both admin and users receive this email that is sent as soon as the parent order appears in WooCommerce “Order” page.
  • the deposit is going to expire: users receive an email some days before the deposit expires that reminds them about the number of days left to pay the balance. You can set the number of days in “Days before notification”.
    Expiring deposit email



Email settings can be configured in “WooCommerce > Settings > Emails”.


If you want to override your theme default email template, you have to copy the .php template file of the plugin and paste it into the theme. You can either do this manually or click on the “Copy file to theme” button in the bottom of the page.

Automatic copy of the email template file

A copy of the file in the specified path is created so that you can change it as you prefer. In case you cannot copy the file through the button, to override and edit the email template, copy the path specified in the page into the theme folder.

Path in theme