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Stripe options

Balance orders can be automatically charged according to what is defined in the option Require balance payment to customers.

To do it, you first need to install the plugin YITH WooCommerce Stripe.Use YITH Stripe to charge balance orders automatically

Once installed and activated, you will be able to configure the following options:

Stripe options setting

  • Automatically charge balance on customer’s credit card: enable to automatically charge customers’ credit cards to pay their balance orders;
  • Charge balance on credit card: 
    • Only if the customers paid the deposit with a credit card: select this option to automatically charge only those customers who paid the deposit with a credit card;
    • Forced for all customers, regardless of deposit’s payment method: select this option to automatically charge all customers who paid the deposit with any payment method and have a valid credit card registered with Stripe;
  • Notice of automatic charge to show in “Payment Methods” section and at checkout: enter the message to show to your customers to inform them about the automatic charge. This notice will show both in the Payment methods section in their My Account and on the Checkout page.
Balance automatic charge notice in My Account
My Account section
Automatic charge notice on Checkout page
Checkout page