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Email notifications

We can now see how to manage automatic email notifications from the plugin panel.

Go to the tab Notifications and choose the emails you want to automatically send to the site admin and customers on specific conditions:

How to enable or disable email notifications

  • Notify deposit creation to admin: this email will be sent to the admin whenever a user pays a deposit for a product;
  • Notify deposit creation to customer: this email will be sent to customers whenever they pay a deposit for a product;
  • Notify balance payment to customer: this email will be sent to customers as a balance payment reminder. For automatic charges (check Stripe options here), the email will be sent as a reminder of the upcoming payment for which customers don’t need to execute any further action. For manual payments, the email will include the link that redirects the customer to the payment page;
  • Send the email about the balance payment: choose when the balance payment email will be sent to customers. Specify a value and select days, weeks, or months. For example, if you set 7 days, the customer will receive the notifications 7 days before the payment due date.

Balance payment remind exampleer

To configure the email settings, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

Deposits email settings

If you want to override your theme default email template, copy the .php template file of the plugin and paste it into the theme. You can either do it manually or by clicking on the Copy file to theme button at the bottom of the page.

How to override email template

A copy of the file in the specified path is created so that you can change it as you prefer. In case you cannot copy the file through the button, to override and edit the email template, copy the path specified on the page into the theme folder.

How to override Deposits email template