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“Minimum amount” message type

This message type is shown only when the cart reached the threshold amount you inserted in the “Threshold amount” entry.

Minimum amount message

Supposing you provided an offer when reaching the threshold amount, you can consider encouraging the users by showing them the amount required to take advantage of that offer.
The amount can be shown by inserting the {remaining_amount} placeholder in the message body.

By using the placeholder {user_name} you can enter in a message the username user. It can only be shown in the case in which the user is logged.

Minimum amount example

Based on our example, the amount of €10 is given by the difference between the value specified in the “Minimum order amount” entry (€100) and the cart total amount (€50)

The message isn’t shown if at least one of the products in “Hide the message if these products are in cart” (if specified) is added to the cart.