“Products in cart” message

This type of message is shown only when the user added to the cart at least one of the products you selected in the “Select Products” entry.

These are the message options

  • required quantity: is required for the correct visualization of the message and it informs users about the difference between the quantity of the specified product currently in the cart, and the requested quantity for the fulfillment of the offer that you can offer.
  • threshold amount: the minimum quantity of the product that users have to add to their cart to view the message you have written
  • button text/button URL: these fields are optional. Add text in the Button text field if you want to show a button to the users to catch their attention for an action. If the field is empty, no button will be showed. In the Button URL field, you can add the link to which you want users to be redirected after the click
  • expiration date: this field is helpful in case you want to set a deadline for the created message: after this date, the message will not be displayed anymore

Supposing you provided a discount for a specific product quantity selected, you can take advantage of the available placeholders to notify the user through the message you have created.

  • {remaining_amount}: it indicates the remaining amount to reach the minimum order amount;
  • {products}: it specifies which of the listed products is in the cart;
  • {required_quantity}: it states the exact number of the products to purchase;

In the example, we want to notify our customers about the free shipping option we offer for the purchase of 10 Slim fit T-Shirts. We want to show the message from the first Slim fit T-Shirts added to cart.

To do it, we need to select the Slim fit T-Shirt product for the message and set the values as follows:
required quantity: 10
threshold amount: 1

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