General settings

In the General settings tab, you can find some options to customize the way the plugin works.

General options
  • The “Filter mode” mode option allows you to choose whether to apply filters in real-time using AJAX or to show a button to apply all filters
  • With the “Show results” option you can choose whether to load the results on the same page using AJAX or to load the results on a new page
  • The “Lazy filters loading” option allows to load filters asynchronously using AJAX to speed up the initial page loading
  • Enable “Paginate terms” to not show more than 10 terms in the taxonomy filters. If more terms are available, a “Show more” link will display the rest of them
  • Enable the “Hide empty terms” option if you want to hide the terms that are not associated with a product (e.g.: if there are no products with the “black” color in the shop, the black color swatch will be hidden)
  • Enable the “Hide out-of-stock products” option if you want to hide the out-of-stock products from the results
  • Choose if you want to show or not a “Reset filters” button and what position you want to show it in