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Set a discount for customers who purchase items using in-store funds

Using funds settings

In this section in YITH > Account Funds > Settings, you will be able to set up the options related to discounts on deposits and partial payments.

Using funds settings

It is possible, in fact, to set a discount for customers who intend to purchase items from your store using in-store funds.

First of all, make sure to enable the discount feature by toggling the Enable discount option to ON.

Then, choose the type of discount you want to apply (Discount Type option). It can either be a fixed-price amount (for instance $5) or a percentage of the total cart value.

Make sure you enter the amount in the next option Discount amount.

Whenever a discount is available, a message will be displayed on the product pages and in the cart: this will invite customers to choose their account funds as a payment method and get a discount in return.

Discount message