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Set deposit amount

Please note that if you are using a billing plugin, it will probably generate invoices for every order, including deposits. Deposits are net and VAT free, therefore no invoice should be issued for these orders.
YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips has been already tested with YITH WooCommerce Account Funds and necessary compatibility fixes have been applied, so that no invoice is generated for deposit orders.

Let’s start with the settings. Go to YITH > Account Funds > Settings: you will find two sections here, one about the Charging account and the other one about Using funds.

Charging account settings

Charging account settings

  • Minimum deposit amount: you may set a minimum deposit amount. For instance, if you set 10$ as a minimum amount, customers will only be allowed to deposit 10$ or higher amounts. The default will show 100.
    A tooltip will appear if your users try to add a lower value than expected.

Minimum deposit amount

  • Maximum deposit amount: you can set a maximum amount that customers will be able to deposit in their virtual wallet. A tooltip will appear if your users try to add a higher value than expected.

Maximum deposit amount

  • Amount increments: this allows to let your users increment the deposit amount of a specific unit. If you set 10, for example, they will be able to jump from 100 to 110 to 120, and so on. No option to enter a value in between.

Amount increments

  • Use coupon: if you enable this option, your users will be able to apply coupon codes when they purchase credit on your store.
  • Payment method: enter here the payment method allowed to pay for funds. Leave it empty to make every payment method set up in WooCommerce available.

Customers will be redirected to the Checkout page for payment. The funds will be credited into the user’s account only when the deposit order turns into the status “Completed”.