Set deposit amount

General settings

In YIT Plugins > Account Funds -> Setting you can set the parameters related to customers funds deposit.

  • Minimum deposit amount: you may set a minimum deposit amount. For instance, if you set 10$ as minimum amount, customers will only be allowed to deposit 10$ or higher amounts. Default will appear to 100.
    An tooltip will appear if your users try to add a lower value than expected.
  • Maximum deposit amount: you can set a maximum amount customers will be able to deposit in their virtual wallet. An tooltip will appear if your users try to add a higher value than expected.
  • Amount increments: this allows to let your users increment the deposit amount of a certain unit. If you set 5, for example, they will be able to jump from 100 to 105 to 110 and so on. No option to enter a value in between.
  • Use coupon: if you enable this option, your users will be able to apply a coupon code when they purchase credit on your store.
  • Funds product image: you can set an ID image for the “Funds” product
  • Payment method: enter here the payment method allowed to pay for funds. Leave it empty to make available every payment method set up in WooCommerce.payment-method

Customers will be redirected to the Checkout page for payment. The funds will be credited into the user’s account only when the deposit order goes to “Completed” status.