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1. Refunds for deposits

The plugin allows managing refunds also for deposits made by users.
The refund can be applied both on the deposit order itself and on the order which includes the product purchased by funds.

The refund must have a minor/identical value in relation to the deposit order one and minor/identical in relation to the current credit of the user.

Shown below, is an example to explain better.
Let’s suppose we made a 300$ deposit and, later, two purchases with funds for a total amount of 216.40$. Therefore, the final balance is 83.60$.

If we go to the order linked to the deposit, we could apply a refund of the same or lower value than the user’s current balance shown in the “Total available to refund”¬†field.

How to refund a deposit

If we decided to refund an order by funds, the maximum amount will be equivalent to the current credit of the user or to the total amount of the order.
On the contrary, the procedure will be suspended and the user will be notified of the error.

2. Refunds of payments partially paid with funds

If your users’ funds are not enough to pay for an order, they can make a mixed payment and pay the order partially with their funds and partially using another gateway made available in your WooCommerce store.

For orders like this, though, refunds can also be issued, but the automatic issuing of the refund is not available. Mixed payment orders can only be refunded manually.

You can either choose to refund the entire amount or part of it to the customer’s funds using the box available on the right metabox:

Edit funds from order details page

For the remaining amount that you want to refund through the other gateway used (e.g. PayPal or credit card), you have to open the gateway account, look for the transaction and refund it from there.