Purchase with funds

Plugin activation implies the automatic addition of “Funds” as available WooCommerce payment methods.

Funds as payment method
Funds as payment method - Checkout page

When the user completes an order paid with funds, it acquires the “Completed” status, unless that order includes the shipping. In this case the status turns into “processing” until a new action is applied by the administrator.

Purchase partially with funds

Another option is to let the customer pay one part with his funds (all funds he has) and pay the other part with another payment gateway. In order to do so, you’ll need to ‘enable partial payments‘.

enable partial payments

After a customer proceeds to the checkout page, he will get the option to pay with his funds. Click on ‘use your funds’ to apply them to the order.

checkout page funds

Once applied, the funds will be deducted from the total, and the customer will have to choose how to pay the remaining amount.

after funds checkout