How to manage refunds for deposit

The plugin allows to manage refunds also for deposits made by users.
The refund can be applied both on the deposit order itself and on the order which includes the product purchased by funds.

Shown below, an example to explain better.
Let’s suppose we made a 300$ deposit and, later, two purchases by funds for a total amount of 216.40$. Therefore, the final balance is of 83.60$.

If we go to the order combined to the deposit, we could apply a refund of the same or lower value than user’s current balance that is shown in “Total available to refund” field.

Total available to refund

If we decided to refund an order by funds, the maximum amount will be equivalent to the current user’s credit or to the total amount of the order.
On the contrary, the procedure will be suspended and user will be notified of the error.

Total available to refund