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In theĀ Email settings tab, you will be able to configure two emails that are sent through this plugin.

1. Deposit funds

In the Deposit tab, you can configure the email that’s automatically sent when the funds in the customer’s balance are about to run out. You can use several different placeholders in order to customize the content of the email and set a minimum amount of funds required for the email to be sent.

Email settings _ Deposit

User Email

2. Funds edited

In the Funds edited tab, you can customize the email that customers will receive when the admin edits the funds (in case of a manual refund, for instance).

Email settings _ Funds edited

3. Vendor redeem

This tab is only available if you are also using YITH Multi Vendor (premium version).

The email will be sent to the admin when one or more vendors redeem funds. For more details about this feature, please, refer to the integration with YITH Multi Vendor on this page.

Email settings _ Vendor redeem