The header section

The whole site can be subdivided in 3 main sections: header template part, body and footer template part.

Templates parts can be exchanged or edited as you wish (you can also create a new one from scratch).

YITH Wonder comes with 5 fully customizable Header Templates. You can use them as a starting point to create your own unique header layout.

This is how you can switch the header layout of your choice globally or for a particular page or post:

  • Go to “Appearance => Editor” and select the template you want to edit. It could be a page template or a post template.
  • Clicking on the header section of the page, the system will show a Replace option in the settings bar at the bottom of the template part (header in this case).
  • When you click it, you can see the variations the theme offers for this template part, as well as fitting block patterns.
  • Click any of them, and the Site Editor will automatically replace the entire header with the new option.

(The same works for the footer).