The YITH PayPal Payments for WooCommerce plugin allows you to accept PayPal and Credit Card payments on your store. To use the plugin, you need a PayPal business account to connect, if you don’t have an account, Sign Up on PayPal before proceeding.

How to connect your PayPal account

  1. In the Settings tab, enable the YITH PayPal Payments plugin (1) and choose if you want to use the plugin in test mode (just for testing – no payment will be processed) or in live mode (2). Then, click on the “Connect” button (3)
PayPal Payments general settings
  1. This will open a new window (4) in which the system will ask you to enter your credentials and connect to your PayPal account. 
Connect PayPal account
  1. When the account is successfully connected, you will see this section (5) and you will be able to set up the plugin configuration.
Onboarding status

PayPal Payments options

In the Settings tab you can find some options related to the plugin configuration.

  1. Choose the Payment action (6): you can choose between “Sale” (in which funds are transferred instantly from customer account to merchant account) or “Authorize and Capture” (funds will be reserved for three days and the order will be set as “on hold” until it is completed by the admin).
Payment action
  1. Choose where to show the PayPal payment button (7). This option allows you to show a payment button in cart page, in single product page and in checkout page.
Show PayPal button on pages
  1. Enable the Fast Checkout if you sell digital goods (8). If a PayPal button is shown on the Cart page and/or on the Single product page this option allows the customers to pay for the product directly from these pages, without visiting the standard Checkout page.
Fast checkout
  1. Set the prefix for your invoices (9). If you have a PayPal account connected on multiple stores, this prefix will be helpful to easily associate orders and payments.
Invoice prefix

Button options

In the Button options tab you can find some options related to the payment button shown on the Checkout and product pages.

You can:

  1. Choose the button shape (10) and color (11).
Button shape and color
  1. In the section “Additional payments buttons” (12) you can select the alternative payment that will be available in the PayPal wallet by default.
Additional payment buttons

If you enable some sources, an additional button will be shown beside the PayPal one (13).

alternative payment button

The alternative payment buttons are basically a list of external services that you can offer to your customers to pay. They can be used on the condition that the gateways are available in their country. The displayed services are the ones offered by PayPal Commerce Platform and you can choose whether to enable them and which of them. For more information about the availability, please, contact PayPal support.

Credit Card payment options

With this plugin you can add a credit card payment option to the Checkout page. Enable this option in the Custom Credit Card tab (14).

Enable credit card payment

And this is how the Checkout page will look like (15):

checkout page