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General settings

To start using the plugin, you first need to configure the popup that will automatically open if guest customers click on the Proceed to checkout button without being logged in.

They will be able to log in or register, reset their password in a few clicks without leaving the page, and you can configure all these steps in detail, so you can offer your customers the best possible experience when buying from your online shop.

Go to the YITH > Easy Login & Register Popup > General settings tab to start with the popup general settings.

1. Popup general settings

You will find the following options:

Popup general settings

  • Popup size: enter the popup width in pixels (the length will automatically be adjusted depending on the length of the text). Suggested settings: 590px.
  • Close popup by clicking on the background: enable this option if you want the popup to close if users click anywhere outside the popup.
  • Blur background: enable this option if you want to blur the background whenever the popup is open.
  • Popup animations: choose the entrance and exit animations for the opening and closing of the popup. You can choose among many available options for fade, bounce, flip, slide and zoom animations.
  • Close popup icon: upload a custom icon for the Close button. If none is selected, the default button will be an X icon.

2. Colors

Here, you will find all the settings concerning the colors of the popup. You can find all the available options listed below. Please, consider that for all colors you can also set up an opacity/transparency value.


  • Popup background color
  • Popup header background color: this is the color of the header section of the popup.

Popup header

  • Popup text color
  • Popup link colors
  • Button colors
  • Button border colors
  • Button text colors
  • Overlay background color