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For each donation made, the plugin sends an email to the related user. Email settings can be configured from the Emails tab in the plugin panel.Email settings

  • Email Type: choose the email type from HTML and Plain text;
  • Email Subject: enter the subject of the email;
  • Email Content: enter the content of the email;
  • Enable/Disable: decide whether to send the email or not.

To dynamically add information to your email, you can use the following placeholders :

  • {customer_name}: customer’s name
  • {customer_email}: customer’s email
  • {order_id}: order ID
  • {order_date}: order date
  • {order_date_completed}: order completed date
  • {donation_list}: list of all donations in the order
  • {site_title}: name of the shop as set in WordPress

Email example

Email example