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Notification creation

Go to YITH Plugins -> Desktop Notifications and click on “Add new notification”.Add new notification

Select the type of notification and associate a title and description to it.
Through the use of specific placeholders, you can include in the description any information about the product, order, and user.

  • {username}: username of the user who made the purchase
  • {order_id}: ID of the created order
  • {products_sold}: list of the products sold
  • {order_total}: the total amount of the order
  • {product_id}: product ID
  • {product_name}: product name
  • {new_status}: new status associated to the order
  • {old_status}: old order status

The notification is shown for the same duration configured in “Notification length” (in seconds)

To see the notification preview, click on the “Preview notification” button.

Notification settings