There are two types of report: for sales and for stock.


The main report allows you manage your products giving you the option to have a clear scenario about how your sales are going and the benefit you are making thanks to your products.

In the Reports you will see the following columns:

  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Average Product Price
  • Revenue
  • Average Product Cost
  • Cost
  • Average Product Margin
  • Margin
  • Tags
  • Percent margin
  • Any custom fields you’ve added (Production year in the following screenshots).

Moreover, you’ll see a recap of the total costs and margin of profits of your shop.


This report is very flexible. You can filter sales by:

  • date
  • product
  • category

Reports filters

Stock Reports

The stock report fulfills the same function with an advantage, it allows you to have an estimate of the potential benefit of your stock.

Stock reports

Also these reports can be filtered by product or category.