Does this plugin work in a multi-currency environment?

The plugin is compatible with Aelia Currency Switcher plugin. This lets you see the cost of your goods correctly updated based on the selected currency.

Can I have reports by tag?

No, reports can be general or by products or categories. Yet, you can further filter the reports by tag, by simply clicking on the tag name in the report.

Make sure you’ve enabled the Tag column in the reports from YITH > Cost of Goods > General:

Add tag column

Then, you can filter any report by clicking on the tag name:

Filter by tag

How does it work with coupon codes?

Whenever you apply a coupon code to the total cost, it will apply to the total price, without changing the product cost. So, for example, if your product price is $100 and the cost is $30, the profit margin is $70.

If you apply a 50% coupon code, the final price is $50, but the cost remains unchanged ($30), so the profit margin is $20.