How to configure the plugin

The plugin inserts “Found this product at a lower price?” in each product detail page.

Product page

This entry allows the user to have access to a dedicated popup to notify the administrator about a cheaper price for the same product on a competitor site.


The new notification is sent by email to the administrator and it is added to the WordPress “Best Price” section.

Best price

Best price detail

If the administrator decides to offer the product at the suggested price, he/she will need to click on the “Agree on price” button.
Only then the user will receive an email with the proposal made by the administrator.

User email

By clicking on “Purchase now” in the email bottom, the user will be redirected to the shop cart page. Here he/she will find the product and an applied coupon for the same amount of the difference between the regular price and the one he/she suggested.

Cart page