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Getting started with the plugin

In this documentation page, we are going to analyze all the options located in the “General Settings”plugin page.

prem 1After enabling the plugin by checking the “Enable YITH WooCommerce Quick Checkout for Digital Goods” box, it’s possible to select which informations are going to be asked for this particular kind of checkout in the “Fields Shown”option.By leaving this field blank, the email (the only required field) will be the only thing requested, however, it’s possible to manually add each single field, select them all by clicking “Select All” or deselect them all by clicking its dedicated options.By doing this you can customize the fields displayed in the Quick Checkout.

prem 2After checkout process is completed a new account is automatically created for the user, who will be able to access it using the specified email address and password.


Choose where enable quick checkout mode

prem 4

Once the fields you intend to show your customers are selected, the plugin allows you to chose which products you are going to apply the Quick Checkout to.

It’s possible to apply this kind of checkout to all kind of products which contain “Digital” and/or “Downloadable”feature or apply it directly to the products in the “Quick Checkout List”.

Quick Checkout List

prem 5

You can add products using the “Products” tab.

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You can also select whole categories of products, in the “Categories” tab.

prem 7

Finally it’s also possible to select products based on their tags, by selecting them from the “tags” tab.

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Checkout in product page

prem 9This plugin also allows you to add the simplified checkout process directly into the product page.

By clicking the “Show Quick Checkout in product page” checklist, once customers click the “add to cart” button, they are going to see the checkout form they can use to complete the purchase.

prem 10

Complete profile

Products can be downloaded only if user profile is complete. Profiles can be held as complete is billing detailes have been added.
Once they complete checkou, it is up to users to enter the required data in the dedicated section in their own reserved area.

prem 11In case users try to download the product without having first entered the required data, they will be shown an error message as the one in the image below.

prem 12


The shortcode included allows you to add a checkout form on any page of your website. This allows users to speed up checkout process for a product specified by the admin in the shortcode settings.
In order to enter the shortcode, click on the “add ywqcdg shortcode” button, that you can find in the edit section of any page, and specify the product you want to associate to the checkout form.

prem 13