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YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

The premium versions of the two plugins are perfectly integrated, let us explain the process.

The customer will add product(s) to the quote as usual, when the quote is created the admin can choose if the customer should pay a deposit.

If the admin decides to add a deposit to the quote, he can set this option from the backend by editing the quote (WooCommerce > Orders).

deposit in request quote

The admin can enable the option and set a percentage of the deposit that will be calculated from the quote total. The customer, after accepting the quote, will need to pay the deposit.

Integration with YITH Request a Quote

The payment of the balance order will be then managed by YITH Deposits and Down Payments, that is the customer will be able to complete the payment from the My Account page as usual.

Integration with YITH Request a Quote

E.g. as per the above settings, if the quote total is €46,99 and the admin sets a 15% deposit rate, the customer will have to pay only €7,05 when accepting the quote. The other €39,94 will have to be paid with the balance order.