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General settings

Admins can let users pay with a deposit for all shop products or only a part of them. In the first case, you have to activate the “Enable deposit” option, in YITH > Deposits and Down Payments.


Enable plugin features: enable or disable this option to show the deposits options on your products in one click. If you disable the option, you will find all the settings when you enable it again.

Enable deposit: enable this option to enable the deposit on all products. This setting can be overridden on the product level. Recommended if you want to enable the deposit on all or most products of your shop.

Deposit checked: enable this if you want to show the deposit option as selected by default.

Force deposit: enable this if you want your users to pay a deposit and not to pay the whole product price up front.

Enable AJAX variation: enable this option if you want to load the deposit section in AJAX. Thi will reduce the page loading time.

In the Deposit section below, you will be able to set up the following options for all your products (also this settings can be overridden on the product level):

  • Deposit type: choose between fixed or percentage.
  • Deposit amount/rate: fill in price for amount, or percentage for rate.
  • Deposit virtual:  enable this option for virtual deposit products (shipping, if any, will be paid on balance, for each balance order created). Otherwise deposit will use product configuration, while balance orders will contain virtual products (no shipping). Please, refer to this page for more details about shipping settings.