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YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud allows you to check if the payment request coming from a specific PayPal account is completed by the actual owner of the account, and by no one else that could have stolen the account or the account credentials.
In order to activate this check, enable the option “Enable PayPal verification” from the tab “PayPal Settings”.

Enable PayPal verification

When there is a new payment request, the plugin will automatically send an email to the PayPal address entered. The order is completed only if the user confirms the account by clicking on the verification link sent in the email.

confirm email

In case the account is not confirmed after the first email has been sent, the plugin will send a new email after a specified number of days. You can set the number of days with the option Time span before further attempts.

The order is automatically canceled if the account still isn’t verified after a specified number of days that you can set in Time span before the orders are cancelled.

Once you’ve verified the email address, it will be added to the list with verified email addresses automatically. The verification process will no longer be repeated for that email address with orders that follow. You can also add a new PayPal address manually, using the dedicated input area of the option PayPal verified addresses.