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General settings

From the General settings you will be able to enable the plugin and configure all the rules that will calculate the risk percentage of orders placed in your shop.

IMPORTANT: whatever the risk threshold, by default, the plugin does not block any order, and the payment will be processed anyway.
Yet, if you want to prevent payments from orders with a high risk only, you can enable the “Check for high risk at checkout” option on this page and automatically cancel orders that get the “high risk” label.

First of all, you can enable the plugin rules and enable admin notifications with the fraud-risk results.

Then, you can set up the Risk thresholds and enable the various available rules.

Anti-fraud general settings

Settings for risk thresholds

In this specific section, you can set the two thresholds of fraud risk to mark an order as medium or high risk.

Settings for risk threshold
  • Medium Risk threshold: orders that get this value will be marked as “medium risk”.
  • High Risk threshold: orders from this value up will be marked as “high risk”.
    So based on the image above:
    • orders that get 0% to 24% > low risk.
    • orders getting 25% to 74% > medium risk;
    • orders getting 75% to 100% > high risk.
  • Check for high risk at checkout: enable this option to calculate the risk at checkout and automatically cancel the order if it gets the “high risk” label.
  • Error message: configure here the custom message that you want to show at checkout when the order is cancelled for “high risk”.