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Addresses blacklist settings

The address blacklist allows you to automatically block all orders coming from one or more billing and shipping addresses. You just have to enable the option from the tab Addresses blacklist settings and then enter the addresses that you want to be blocked.

Addresses blacklist settings

Make sure you set also the Percentage of similarity: the lower this value, the stricter the check will be. If you want this check to pass only with a perfect match, set this to 100%.

Every time you will receive an order from these billing or shipping addresses, it won’t be processed, therefore the risk percentage will not be calculated.

Order from a blacklisted address

The order is automatically set to “Cancelled” when the fraud risk check is not passed.

Canceled order

The admin, however, can change the order status and process it anyway.

The plugin also allows you to automatically add a billing or shipping address to the blacklist, if it’s considered high fraud risk. You only need to enable the option “Enable automatic blacklisting”.

Enable automatic blacklisting

From the next order onwards, the system will prevent all incoming orders made by the saved addresses.
In case you want to unblock one of the blacklisted addresses and check the real risk level of the order, you can do the following:

  • remove the address from the blacklist;
  • change the order status to “On Hold”;
  • click on the button “Repeat Check”.
Repeat anti-fraud check

Once the check is finished, it will show the actual risk level percentage of the order.