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Popup options

To access the options panel of the plugin, click on YITH > Product Size Charts. 

Product Size Charts

In the plugin settings, you can set options for the popup windows showing the Size Charts created.

Popup options


You can choose from 4 different styles: “Default”, “Informal”, “Elegant” and “Casual”.

Popup style

Moreover, you can set:

  • Main Color: main colour of the popup windows.
  • Position: position of the popup window once opened.
  • Effect: opening effect of popup windows.
  • Overlay Color: overlay colour when the popup window is open.
  • Overlay Opacity: overlay opacity when popup window is open (set a value between 0 and 1).

Popup button options

Popup button options 1 Popup button options 2

Here, you can set:

  • Button Position: the position of the button on the single product page.
  • Button Color: the color of the size chart popup button.
  • Button Text color: the color of the text shown in the size chart popup button.
  • Border Radius: the rounded border of size chart popup button.
  • Padding: padding value of the button.
  • Button Shadow Color: shadow color of size chart popup button.

Button on frontend

By activating the plugin YITH WooCommerce Quick View Premium there will be another option available. With this option shown in the image below, you are able to choose the position of the Quick View button.

Quick View button