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Create new restriction rules

To create new restriction rules on the gateways you’ve enabled, go to Payment Method Restrictions > Rules and click on the Add new button.

Add new rule

Configure the rule as described below:

Step 1

Enter the title of the rule you are going to create

Set title for the rule
Step 2

Select the payment method that you want to exclude (if bank account is selected, the plugin allows switching automatically to another BACS account if the conditions are fulfilled. Read more about this feature here).

Select payment method
Step 3

Add one or more conditions to the rule: the selected payment method will be removed from checkout only if all the conditions set are fulfilled.

Rule conditions

Each condition can be of a different type:

  • Product: one or all the selected products must be in the cart.
  • Category: one or all products in the selected category must be in the cart.
  • Tag: one or more products belonging to the selected tags must be in the cart.
  • Price: the total cart amount has to fall within the specified values.
  • Geolocalization: buyers are from one of the selected countries.
  • Role: the buyer has one of the selected roles.
  • User: specific users based on their name/email address.
step 4

You can use this message to inform users about the reason why the payment method is not available.

Message on frontend